For too long we have been living with fixing issues of the past. For too long we have sought to find equality and true sovereignty among one another. In the past we may have simply overlooked it, we may not have given such pressing issues the time of day. But the Interfraternity Council (IFC) as a whole has decided that today, we have the time. 


We believe that everyone, regardless of identity, race, religion, or ethnicity, all deserve to live healthy and productive lives. Here at San Diego State University, we aim to expand the Greek community by breaking down barriers like never before. Working towards a future that is more diverse, equitable, and inclusive for all. 


As the organization which oversees and governs the fraternity life here at San Diego State, we recognize the privilege and responsibility we have to our community. We pledge to turn our learnings into actions that lead to greater impact and measurable results. By properly promoting, we mean to do so in a way that echoes true justice. To stray away from the era of band-aid solutions and to enact true change. To truthfully take into account the stories and perspectives of those affected by bigotry, racism, and other acts of discrimination or extreme prejudice.


Our commitment to a diverse and equitable society of Greek men does not stop at simply having uncomfortable conversations. We critically examine our own culture and practices as fraternity men, while working together as a pack to improve, educate, and eradicate.  To improve the lives of everyone, by doing everything in our power to create an equal and safe space. To educate our men, because without the proper knowledge, we lack the ability to properly act. To eradicate the injustices and stigmas found within our organization. 


We as an organization pledge to ensure that our learnings become actions. With soon to be over 1,000 fraternity brothers, we know and can count on every brother to take action and speak up. We recognize that there will always be more that we can take on, more that we can improve on, and more stigmas to smash. 


However, we also recognize that change is slow, and always has been. With this in mind, we can proudly say that our community will be the catalyst to change this. A butterfly effect that will rapidly diffuse around the school. We promise to never stop at band-aid solutions, and do everything within our power to go above and beyond for the sake of our community, city, humanity as a whole. 

-Sam Adame, VP of Diversity and Inclusion